Brick Quest 2

Brick Quest 2

Brick Quest 2 is an enjoyable arcade game in which you collect monsters
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Brick Quest 2 is an enjoyable arcade game in which you must clear the board of all the bricks. The game includes lots of well-done levels scattered around 16 different worlds featuring a great variety of challenges. The levels include all sorts of scenarios including caves, temples, moving platforms and objects, among other things. Also, the bricks on some levels are uncomfortably placed, which makes them somewhat impossible to reach. This also makes the game more challenging and fun. Whenever you finish a level, you capture one of the hundreds of collectible monsters included. It also includes lots of original power-ups that help you eliminate the most difficult bricks and finish the levels faster. Some of these can be combined to create more powerful ones. However, on some occasions the ball got stuck and I had to start the level over again. Also, there is no story behind the game and no mini-games to break the brick-breaking gameplay.
The graphics are good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Some levels look poorer than others. Sound and visual effects are realistic and attractive, and the music is suitable for this type of game.
All in all, Brick Quest 2 is just another game of the genre, which doesn't include anything new or impressive that you cannot find in other similar games. It is enjoyable, but you may get bored soon of the ever-repeating mechanics of the game.

Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Great variety of monsters
  • Good length
  • Challenging
  • Cool sound and visual effects
  • Many power-ups


  • No story
  • Nothing new
  • Repetitive gameplay
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